custom orthoticsMany patients who suffer from foot pain believe there’s nothing that can be done to offer them relief when they walk. However, this isn’t true. In the United States, there are more than 3,000 patient care facilities that offer their patients prosthetic and orthotic services.

Custom orthotics are one of the best ways to provide support for your feet for enhancing mobility and to help your entire body feel better. If you’re still considering whether custom orthotics are the right choice to reduce your foot pain, consider these following…

Life-changing benefits custom orthotics offer.

    1. General foot support
      Your feet are considered to be the protective foundation for the rest of your body. Pain felt in the feet is often felt in other parts of the body as well because it’s such a sensitive area. Orthotics that are custom-made for your feet provide generalized support for over 100 muscles and all 26 bones in your feet. They also help to protect all three arches in your feet, giving you a strong foundation for when you plant your feet on the ground.


    1. Reduces stressful pronation
      Pronation is a natural foot movement, but it can cause stress and pain on the rest of your body when you have collapsed arches in the foot. When this happens, your ankle will fall inward toward the floor. This can cause stress to the foot, knees, lower back, and hips. Orthotics can help to keep pronation from happening.


  1. Reduces painful supination
    Supination is when the ankle leans outward and towards the floor during a person’s normal foot movement. Supination is normal when a runner pushes off the ground, but is abnormal when it becomes the regular foot motion. This can cause stress on the rest of the body and can also be painful to walk. Orthotics help to support high arches in the foot, which is sometimes the cause of this problem, and can therefore keep your body balanced.

If you’re experiencing chronic foot pain, orthotic services can help to alleviate your pain by offering support for the bones, muscles, and arches in your feet. For more information on foot pain related care such as orthotics, walking boots, or a plantar fasciitis night splint, consult an orthotist today.